What Hosting MS Exchange Is And How It Can Help You?

Microsoft Exchange was created simply on the fact that there was a need in the business and personal world for a platform that could help organize, create, maintain and access emails, calendars and contacts. The platform works for all major browsers and across multiple devices. The platform also integrates with Outlook, providing its users with offline access in a familiar setting.

MS Exchange is a hosted service that providers provide their customers with an email box and a space available to them on a server.

The hosted email business solution provides security and reliability. It helps protect your important information using Anti-malware and anti-spam filtering to protect mailboxes. The servers are spread out globally, with premier disaster recovery capabilities. There is highly skilled team monitoring the Exchange Online around the clock. When using MS Exchange as your hosting provider there is a 99.9% uptime.

Hosting and Managing your own Exchange server can bring a lot of problems and in the end take away from your time that needs to be spent on your own business. Providers will give large amounts of space for mailboxes and attachments. Providers tend to specifically work on these issues everyday, they are way more efficient at fixing issues and in turn leaves you with less down time for your email. Your email is your means of communication in today’s business world. Without it many businesses would be hurting.

The providers that provide hosted email business solutions can vary greatly. Some provide independent migration consultants that provide a custom migration plan at no extra charge, while others may force you into getting your own very expensive migration consultant. Many hosting Microsoft Exchange also provide McAffe Email Protection helping eliminate spam and viruses. There are also Data Loss Prevention and email continuity services that usually add to the cost per user.

It is one of the best hosted email servers available with 99.99% uptime guaranteed. It can combine a data replication, which is typically done by the hosting provider. This provides regular backups and replicates data in real time. Many of the hardware’s allow users to restore up to 14 days of emails with their folders intact. The precautions are endless when you work with the best hosted email server on the planet.

MS Exchange is one of the top hosted email servers in the industry. Hundreds use it each day. It provides some wonderful tools to make your firms employees more efficient and productive. A tool that has been around for a while but has recently started to grow more popular is SharePoint. SharePoint is a platform that integrates, intranet, document management and content management.

This means that SharePoint creates a virtual collaborative workspace so that when working on a document the whole group can see the changes being made in real time. Furthermore, one of the top hosted email servers also allows for more automated workflow.

In the end, Microsoft Exchange has come up with an innovative product that allows individuals and teams to better collaborate, make the work place more efficient and protect/store the most important information for your company.

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